We offer more than 11 Rooms which come with different qualities and different prices. The decorations are easy but practical and sufficient. Many of our guest said that the rooms are really nice, some of them said it is their first good sleep in Thailand.

On the first floor:

3 Double Room/Bath/ventilator, and also an AC and a support bed. Each room cost 500 baht
1 Family Room with 2 Double Beds with Bath and Ventilator. The room cost 400 baht
1 small Double Room with Bath and Ventilator on the first floor. The room cost 400 baht

On the ground floor:

2 small Rooms with Bath and Ventilator. Each room cost 250 baht
2 big Double Rooms with Bath and Ventilator. Each room cost 350 Baht
1 Single Room with Bath and Air Condition. Cost 400 baht   

We also have budget dorm room with a bath and ventilator. The room has 2 bunk beds, so 4 beds and each bed cost 100 baht.

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